Utah Transit Authority’s Frontrunner Commuter Service PTC Solution

Innovative Solutions is providing hardware and software design as well as design support for Utah Transit Authority’s Frontrunner Commuter Service PTC solution. Because Frontrunner had an existing cab signal system, the decision was made to use Enhanced Automatic Train Control (E-ATC) as the PTC solution. E-ATC is a FRA type-approved PTC solution that meets all the requirements of the PTC mandate including the prevention of overspeed derailments, movements through an improperly lined switch, collisions between trains, movements through work zones without authority and the enforcement of mandatory directives.

Design and programming included over 160 wayside locations. The northern portion of Frontrunner is legacy GE equipment (VHLC) while the southern portion of the alignment is legacy Alstom equipment (iVPI). Equipment that could not communicate directly with the CTC system, Electrocode and Genracode units, were replaced with Electroligixs and iVPI. Design work included safe braking analysis, development of control lines, including those required for temporary speed restrictions and mandatory directives, all hardware drawings for new and revised locations and all applications software. In addition, in one block where fiber optic cable could not be buried, Innovative Solutions provided design for a 900Mhz wireless solution providing both vital and non-vital network solutions.

While the project is ongoing, all wayside changes have been installed and testing. Following approval of the safety plan the Revenue Service Demonstration will begin. Goals of the E-ATC design have been achieved and have provided UTA with a safe system that also meets their requirements for runtime and headway.