Pola Pier 200

As a sub consultant to JLPatterson and Associates, Innovative Solutions provided hardware design, processor programming, and California Public Utilities Commission liaison for the Port of Los Angeles project to improve the capacity of the Port’s container and automobile facilities. The project begun in 2008 and was recently completed.

Rail signal work included tie-ins to the Alameda Corridor, as well as to the Union Pacific and BNSF Railroads. Additionally, mainline interlockings, highway crossings, remote controlled yard switches, and a wirelessly connected yard office control machine were all part of the design and programming.

A particular project challenge was the design of a mainline switch located in a paved street. Innovative Solutions personnel worked with special track work suppliers to specify extended length rods for the switch machine that allowed it to be located outside of the pavement, and to throw the points inside the pavement.

Equipment applied included GE’s VHLC and Electrologixs, HXP-3, and DTMF controlled yard switches. Innovative Solutions supported the project from conceptual design, through final design and programming, bidding, construction, and final inspection.

The total value of the project was $138 million with Innovative Solutions’ value being $500,000.

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