MetroRail – Austin, Texas

Innovative Solutions worked with Austin’s MetroRail to overcome safety concerns for a new Commuter Rail system, and helped get the system to revenue service. Following concerns that the system was not FRA compliant, Innovative Solutions was asked to review the engineering and programming that had been performed by others, identify safety concerns, work with the FRA to develop a plan to correct those concerns, and then revise the engineering and programming as required. Innovative Solutions orchestrated Hazard Identification meetings to assure all concerns were identified and mitigations were proposed.

Equipment included Ansaldo Microlock Interlockings, Microtrax track circuits, and GCP-4000 and XP-4 crossing systems. Innovative Solutions provided revised engineering and programming for all systems. Personnel also supported field commissioning for all systems.

Following a successful commissioning, Innovative Solutions wrote a PTC Implementation Plan for the authority. Cost of the project was $105 million, with Innovative Solutions’ value being $400,000.

Innovative Solutions continues a relationship with MetroRail, having provided design review and design and programming for several projects. Additionally, Innovative Solutions is serving as the rail signaling expert on MetroRail’s team to oversee the installation of PTC on the line.

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